Supermarket Display Solutions


The very first factor for supermarkets is to consider the stockage efficiency of the product display, easy visibility and the ease to pick out any product. This is where supermarket racks come into play, becoming the go to choice of supermarket display fixtures. Unlike traditional supermarket display racks of steel, supermarket display solutions from X-bit advanced display solution provides premium quality supermarket racks, Supermarket display stands, supermarket display shelves, the complete display solution for your supermarket fixtures. For all your enquiries drop a message with us,or call us  and our service team will get in touch within 24 hours.


Supermarket racks are of premium quality steel and comes in attractive colours. The display racks have a higher weight carrying capacity considering the heavier load bearing capacity required for the products to be displayed. Supermarket racks doubles as display fixtures in shops for showcasing products as well as for stocking products for easy customer purchase and thus have become a prominent display fixture in all shopping industries. The number of racks are customised in accordance with client requirement and can be easily installed in showrooms. drop a message with us,or call us

Supermarket display stands

Supermarket display stand have a higher weight carrying capacity and can be customised. The display stand being of premium quality steel finds its use in grocery sections and even in the textile industry. X-bit have extensive collection of supermarket display stands and have the resources necessary to have the display units setup with the minimal time requirement, making it the favorite choice of complete display solution for showroom setup. The supermarket display stand is no longer limited to supermarket but have become a common display unit in a wide range of showroom industries including the textile industry as it provides the customer to interact easily with products displayed easily, thus providing better ROI. drop a message with us,or call us

Supermarket Display Fixtures

Supermarket display fixtures being a long term investment needs a well planned execution to make sure maximum display storage efficiency. Our team of resources, visit the shops beforehand before assisting in picking the correct display fixtures for the shops. The display fixtures, are of minimal varieties but it is in the effective planning and use of the display fixtures that make efficient storage space management and our team is proud of its long standing achievements and experience in field of showroom display fixtures. Supermarket display units include - supermarket display shelves, supermarket racks, supermarket display stands. For all your enquiries drop a message with us,or call us and our service team will get in touch within 24 hours.

Why Choose X-bit as your Showroom Display solution partner?

X-bit began its journey as a subsidiary to Indian Hardware Stores and it’s been a decade (need to check if true) since its initial journey. We are committed in providing our customers with the best of showroom display solution since day one and hence, our customers are our greatest ambassadors of our work ethics. Most of our clients comes from as reference of previous customers who are satisfied by our works. With a wide range of supermarket display fixtures, you could visit us and have your shop display setup in little to no time. Our supermarket display units include supermarket racks, stands and shelves. For all your enquiries drop a message with us,or call us and our service team will get in touch within 24 hours.

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